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About Islamic Center of Irving

Your home at Alhamra Valley, a close proximity to Islamic Center of Irving assures you and your loved ones, immediate access to invaluable asset and resources that many Muslims long for. That is, a community center with vibrant volunteers of all race and ethnicity, live togather in prosperous and harmony. The sprawling Islamic center of Irving consist of 36,000 sqft of space which in houses Masjid, Islamic School, Library, Playground and Islamic Book Store. is unique model across United States of America.

Some of the regular activities at Islamic Center of Irving

Daily Prayers (Salaat)
  • Five times daily prayers in Jama'ah (congregation), weekly Jum'ah (Friday) prayers, Eid prayers and Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan. Jum'ah khutbah starts at 1:30PM throughout the year.
Daily Hadith Lessons
  • Every day after Isha'a Salat by Imam Zia. Hadith Lessons in brief for 2-3 minutes from Riyadh-us-Saliheen.
MONDAY Quran Class after Ishaa Prayers
  • Tajweed For Men (Qur'an recitation for Beginners) by Imam Zia.
TUESDAY Quran Tafseer after Ishaa Prayers
  • Tafseer-ul-Quran by Imam Zia. To Listen to the tafseer audio, Click Here
WEDNESDAY Halaqa after Ishaa Prayers
  • Youth Halaqa by Imam Zia. Subjects covered will be Tajweed, Fiqh, and Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It also touches the aspect of Dawah to Non-Muslims.
  • Actions of the Heart - A series of lectures by Shk. Hasan Khalil after Ishaa.
  • Both the programs are scheduled simultaneously at different locations.
THURSDAY Sharpening Arabic after Ishaa Prayers
  • Arabic Language for Non-Arabic speaking Brothers by Imam Zia. A chance to learn Quranic Arabic and understand the Quran.
  • Lectures on Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH by Shk Said Atif.
  • Both the programs are scheduled simultaneously at different locations.
FRIDAY Khatera After Ishaa Prayers
  • Weekly Khatera on various subjects. Mostly given by Imam Zia or the guest speaker.
SATURDAY Sharpening Arabic for Sisters 10:00AM - 12:00 NOON
  • Arabic for Non-Arabic speaking sisters by Imam Zia.
SUNDAY after Zuhr Salaat
  • Sisters' Halaqa Every Sunday after Zuhr Salat by Imam Zia in classroom 210 upstairs.
  • (currently we are going through Imam Nawawi's 40 hadith and tajweed)


Sports Activities
  • ICI consist of Volley Ball court, Soccer Ground, Cricket Pitch, Basketball Court, Advanced Kids' playground, Ping Pong tables in place. ICI organized Ping-Pong tournament in Mar-Apr 2005. Volley Ball tournament is going on. Cricket, Basketball is being played regularly. For further information on sports, please Email: Sports@Irvingmasjid.org
  • ICI Library remains open between Maghrib and Isha'a. It has lots of books on Islam in several languages mostly in Arabic, English and Urdu. Library also contains a selection of Islamic Magazines and articles. Also series of some video and audio tapes which consists various topics and that individuals can borrow fo 2 weeks. For further information,  please email: Library@Irvingmasjid.org
ICI Book Store
  • A wide variety of Islamic books, literature, audio and video are available at the book store at nominal prices.
  • For further information, Please email: ICIBookstore@Irvingmasjid.org
Seminars/Open Houses and Workshops
  • Seminars, Open House, Speech, Manners, Financial, Investment, Public Relation Workshops, Health Checkup, etc. programs are held on special occasions and for large number of audiences regularly.
About Islamic School of Irving

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